About Jeff



Jeff Harmer the creative mind behind Jeff Harmer Art grew up in Southwestern Ontario in Canada.

Legend has it that as a baby he was always looking to the sky and fascinated with aircraft.  Neighbours would frequently hear the shout “Mommy…Plane!!Plane!!…look SEE!!”.

From that point on he has never stopped looking to the heavens, fascinated with civilian and military aircraft of all types.

In his late teens and early twenties Jeff served his country in the Armoured Corps for the Canadian Armed Forces. This furthered his interests beyond aviation to all things military – air, land and sea.

Call it what you want, passion or hobby he has always focused on honing his skills as an artist from early youth, through formal training in college.  This in turn led to establishing a fledgling graphic arts company in his early twenties.

Through most of his adult life Jeff has realized career success in the corporate world reaching key milestones in Supply Chain management. In addition to this, Jeff is now realigning his priorities with the goal of expanding and marketing his artistic portfolio.

Jeff looks forward to sharing his projects associated with military & aerospace, automotive, heritage/architecture and other interesting endeavours.

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